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At The Meticulous Smile, all of our services are designed with you in mind and are conducted with the highest regard to quality care. During your very first visit, our dental hygienist will develop a course of preventative services that will enable you to reach your goals. All of our services below are customized to each unique patient.

General Dentistry

We offer a range of services including General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics (braces/invisalign), Endodontics (root canals) and Oral Surgery (wisdom teeth removal).

Dental Hygiene Assessment and Periodontal Assessment

When welcoming a new client to the office a complete dental hygiene examination is performed to evaluate their teeth and gums to determine the current condition of their oral health. This will also allow the dental hygienist to identify any areas of concern. The dental hygiene exam includes a thorough review of the client's medical, dental and personal histories along with an oral cancer screening and customized dental hygiene treatment plan.

Dental and Periodontal Examination

A full comprehensive extra-oral and intra-oral examination is performed during all dental cleaning appointments. During this assessment the dental hygienist will evaluate the hard and soft tissues, checking for any suspicious areas of dental decay, gingivitis/periodontal disease and oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is known for being one of the worst cancers as it is late diagnosed. At The Meticulous Smile, an oral cancer screening is performed at every visit using the most up to date technology called the VELSCOPE.

Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleanings or scaling of the teeth is the removal of hard and soft deposits that build up on the teeth, (above and below the gums) which cannot be removed by brushing nor by flossing. If calculus, also known as 'tartar' is present for too long it will then cause inflammations of the gums, resulting in red, swollen gingival tissues.

Teeth Polishing

This procedure helps remove extrinsic staining that is caused by coffee, tea and dyes present in certain foods we consume.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a treatment performed only when required. A fluoride treatment can be beneficial for those who are prone to developing dental decay or individuals who take medications that cause dry mouth.


This procedure is generally recommended for younger clients as a defense against decay. Sealants are a painless procedure that requires no freezing. A thin resin material is placed in the pits and fissures of the chewing surface of the tooth.

Wicked White Teeth Whitening System

If you are looking for a brighter and whiter smile, look no further. At The Meticulous Smile we perform the professional in-office teeth whitening system also known as Wicked White. Wicked white offers clients immediate, long lasting results with ZERO sensitivity. This product is also eco-friendly containing NO harsh chemicals, NO animal bi-products and NO preservatives. How wicked is that? Not sure if your a good candidate for this whitening system? No problem... book a teeth whitening consultation to find out!

Take Home Tooth Whitening

In a rush? NO PROBLEM. Clients who can't hang out for in-office teeth whitening can purchase the Wicked White HOME kits and perform their whitening treatment in the comfort of their home. PSSSST .... if you are really in a rush you can pick-up one of the Wicked White Professional Tooth Whitening Pens for easy breezy application before a night out on the town.

Meticulous Smile
Whitening Kit

Introducing the only home whitening system
guaranteed by dental professionals to lighten,
brighten, and strengthen your smile in under a week.


Sports Guards

Give us a week and we will have you playing in style with a new sports guard with a variety of colours to choose from. After impressions are taken we send your molds into the lab where the sportsguard is fabricated.


There are many ways to treat sensitive teeth. Our team of highly trained staff will determine the treatment options based on the cause of the discomfort. Options for treatment vary from using recommended toothpastes or varnishes applied while in the office.


Once a month, The Meticulous Smile will host a complimentary nutritional seminar presented by PETRA FARAH, Holistic Nutritionist.

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